OSCE Days 2016

Calling all engaged citizens, scientists, engineers, economists, sustainability students, architects, artists, makers, ecologists, biomimicrists, urban farmers, permies, hackers, community activists, film-makers, occupiers, environmentalists, industrial designers, businesses, entrepreneurs, urban planners, nonprofits.

The Institute of Future Living (IFL) and Stop Reset Go (SRG) are proud to be hosting OSCEDays 2016. OSCE stands for Open Source Circular Economy, a just economy for the environment and for human beings. Collaborate with change agents in over 60 cities around the planet and participate in a series of Open Idea Jams to co-create the sustainable world you want to live in. These ideas will serve as the base to continue year round events for citizen-centric designs of systems and technologies for humanity. Here is your chance to be part of a global citizen’s movement building a better world!

Our linear, extractive economy  is responsible for two major problems: 1) unsustainable levels of resource consumption and 2) excessive waste production. An Open Source Circular Economy applies open source design thinking to close the loops and eliminate both problems at once. But it goes beyond just making things last and getting rid of waste, it’s also about changing our value systems, empowering ourselves in the age of the anthropocene and reclaiming our title as human beings, not just consumers.

Our OSCE Days 2016 events

Stop Reset Go and Institute of Future Living members are organizing OSCE Days events in these cities. Click on the link for more info.

The philosophy behind Open Idea Jams