OSCE Days Edinburgh


Hi I’m Amy and I’m organising an OSCE day in Edinburgh, Scotland. My background is in design, and I am hoping to engage other designers, creative practises and related industries to help get together and discuss the role of design within Open Source and Circular Economy.
I am currently working with Max, an architect, and we’re hoping that some others want to get on board and share some ideas, so get in touch if you’re in Scotland!


Within design there is a lot of potential to address how things are made, what of, by whom, the life cycle etc etc. So therefore designers play a big role in this movement. This doesn’t have to be physical products, but considering more creative business models, or developing new service systems require communication and therefore design.
It would be great to have a range of different industries and expertise to gather together ideas and information about benefits and implications with working in Open Source and Circular systems. There is definitely the possibility to run some activities as well as hopefully talks with some experts in this field, and the opportunity to connect with others around the world to understand the challenges and breakthroughs others are having


**NEED** At this point I am still trying to find somewhere definite to host the sessions, which also leaves the date flexible at this point. Depending on who is able to get involved and the interest in the sessions we could run more than one event. It would be great if there is anyone who can offer some support in this area, or make suggestions


At least one day between the 9-13th of June for a session, although I would be really happy to make this an ongoing thing if there are people who would like to meet up regularly or collaborate to set something up! Again, please get in touch and let me know.


There are a lot of reasons that this is a beneficial system to move towards, and something which hopefully we can discuss at length while organising and during the event itself. In Scotland, as well as worldwide, governments are starting to understand the need to fund initiatives that use a circular approach to business, production and waste management. It offers social, environmental and economic benefits, which makes it a more sustainable option, as well as in many cases being an obvious choice. We are all too aware that we have to reconsider our disposable attitude to life, and Circular Economy offers a great alternative to current methods. Open Source is also a direction that we are seeing ourselves heading, access to information, democratisation of production and the power of the crowd are just some of the areas that Open Source touches upon. Let me know what you think, and come along and share your thoughts and experiences, or get to know more.


In true Open Source style, this event here and the others taking place worldwide are intended to be free, editable and shareable wherever you are, and they rely on sharing. Share your space, time, knowledge – share this page, share your opinions, get involved and support if you can, or find people who you think would want to be part of this. It’s really interesting, I promise!
Get in touch with:

Amy Ward: amy.ward.design at gmail.com

Ferial Puren: ferial at ignitelifecommunity.info